The Story So Far

It all began in July 2001 when the Stickland family moved from Chepstow to Hewelsfield. Builders did some of the initial external building work including demolishing 3 chimneys and creating and reshaping numerous windows. We have done most of the rest of the work ourselves with help from our wonderful sons David and Michael as well as countless friends. (Guess who wrote this originally)

Work along the way included installing a new water main, putting in new drains, replacing the heating and water system and rewiring, planting hedging around 2 acres and loads more.

We have now completed 3 bedrooms, 2 with ensuite. The new kitchen/family room was finished June 2005. We had a bet with David that, if the new kitchen was finished for Christmas 2004, he would cook Christmas dinner. It is probably to everyone's advantage that we didn't quite make it. Our target for Christmas 2006 was a living room and this time we suceeded even though it was only a couple of days before.

April 2007 brought us to the point of demolition again and Andy (Carol's brother) and family gave us 2 days of hard work to remove 2 bedrooms a dining room and a hallway. The work goes on!

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