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The jungle otherwise known as the front garden

The trench which was dug to lay the new water main and telephone cable

A previously bricked-up doorway has been opened up. This leads from the hall to the affectionately nicknamed 'Skittle Alley' - it's a very long and thin room.

Note the removal of one chimney and the replacement of another. The rendering has also been renewed on part of the house. The paint is a special lime-based paint. The yellow colour is a lot lighter when the paint is dry.

The master bedroom. This is one of the essentially finished rooms. It was very damp when we started and had some lovely pink fittings.

The end of the skittle alley which is going to be a sitting area around the wood burner. The current view will hopefully look nicer than the before view soon.

Carol's brother and Peter lowering the rather large stone over the fireplace. It started at head height.

The other end of the Skittle Alley. This will be the new kitchen. David would have had trouble cooking Christmas dinner in here. There has been a lot of work to get it to its current state.

On left, it was 'nearly finished'

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Work in progress



Concrete pump unfolding its booms so it can pump into house

Concrete pump manouevering carefully through the front door

Carol and others spreading several tonnes of wet concrete

A few months later (actually, several months later)

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The digger got tired and decided to have a lie down. We managed to right it after about 2 hours.

A lovely view across the fields.

Our bedroom when we first moved in. It has four external walls and so it was very cold. We used bubble wrap on the walls to try and add insulation.

All of the house which we have worked on so far has underfloor heating. This is what it looks like before it is covered with concrete.

Michael "Van Dyke" doing some chimney sweeping. Amazingly, Peter managed to get up to there to take the photo.

Some of the new drains that we laid. Many tons of gravel were transported multiple times.

One of the two chickens that we currently keep. You can't beat home grown eggs. Well, actually, you can - with a whisk!

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